Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's New?

I guess it's about time for an update.  I'm learning now more than ever how quickly time flies and how truly blessed I am in every second.  Today, I looked at Adia as she slept in her carseat and I just started crying.  I cannot express to you what a blessing it is to have a healthy, happy, growing, precious baby.  I am so fortunate to get to care for this little one.  My heart swells more and more for her every day.  The more I get to know her, the more I love and appreciate her.  In my family, we know what it's like to be told that a baby's heart is not ok and that he will need open heart surgery to prevent death, and we know what it's like to be told that a baby has not developed the vital organs needed for life outside of the womb. When we found out about my nephew Sam's heart condition, I was pregnant with Adia.  It was heartbreaking.  I didn't know I could cry so many tears.  2 days after I had Adia, Sam had open heart surgery at 7 weeks old.  Thankfully, the surgery went perfectly and Sam is a happy and healthy boy today.  We are so so so so thankful.  Had Sam been born 30 years ago, he may not have lived.  We found out that Micah's brother's wife, Katie was pregnant when Adia was just a few weeks old.  The entire family was beyond excited to hear the news.  Josh and Katie were told some devastating news at their 20 week ultrasound when they went to find out their baby's gender.  They were told that their baby would not live long outside of the womb.  We have been praying for a miracle every day and we know that God can do anything.  We are also praying for peace and joy.  Josh and Katie are incredible parents.  Katie is so strong and God is just pouring His love into her and she is sharing that love with everyone.  You can go to her blog here:  Their daughter, Evangeline Joy is due to arrive in August.  Please keep the 3 of them in your prayers.  We love beautiful, sweet little Evangeline so much.  She has the best parents in the world, and I'm pretty sure she's going to have some pretty amazing brothers and sisters to come in the future.  Micah and I have experienced a tremendous amount of heartache for these other babies in our families, but through it all, we have learned to be oh so thankful for our daughter.  She is a blessing and a gift and we will not take her life for granted. We are thankful for the joy she has brought to us and our families during these times.

So, what's new with Adia?  Well, she is eating lots of solids these days.  She has loved everything she's tried so far with the exception of peaches and mangos.  I love both, but I tasted the baby food and it does leave a strange after taste in your mouth.  We just recently bought some Baby Mum Mums.  Check them out at  They carry them at Babies R Us, which is where we got them.  She tried them and loved them. She can sit and hold them by herself and they dissolve in her mouth as she chews on them. It's easy for me, it helps with her teething, and it gives her some of the nutrition she needs. 

Adia can sit up on her own now with no assistance at all.  She loves to sit up.  It's incredibly cute. We still put a couple of pillows behind her in case she falls, but she rarely does fall any more.  She often does this little dancing thing while she sits. It's the cutest thing in the world.

Adia's hair gets lighter and ligther every day.  Her roots are blonde.  She still has mostly a reddish blonde head of hair, but what's growing in is lighter, so I think all of her hair will be either just blonde, or a light strawberry blonde, which I love.  She had her first little hair trim the other day.  We trimmed a few crazy hairs that were sticking out. 

We are still usually giving her 1 bottle of formula each day.  Some days, I just nurse and do solids with her, but she usually isn't completely satisfied and wants a bottle after the afternoon or evening feed.

With the exception of maybe 1 night per month, Adia sleeps about 11-12 hours at night.  She usually goes to bed smiling after a bath, a story, and a song.  We enjoy our little night time routine.  :)  She usually goes to bed some time between 7:45 and 8:30. We will probably have to move that up a little bit when the school year starts again since she will have to wake up a bit earlier.

We went to an amazing B&B this past weekend with Micah's family for his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.  Adia got so much love and attention.  After being at the sitter's today for a few hours, the sitter could tell that Adia had been held all weekend, since Adia wanted to be held while at the sitter's.  Someone got a little spoiled!  She is pretty irresistable.  :)

Adia and I at the B&B this past weekend.

Again, please continue to pray for Micah's brother, his wife, and their little Evangeline.  They are a precious family and we love all of them.

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