Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Adiaisms


  1. You hear da airpane?  Is it goin in da trees again?  I wanna go to da airpane port.
  2. She counts, but almost always skips "4."  1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8!"
  3. I laid down in her bed and she giggled and said, "What you doin in my Hello Kitty bed?"  I said, "I'm Adia Beth."  She thought that was so funny and said, "No, you're not!  You're Rachel!"
  4.  Me: How old is Isla?  Adia: She's 26.
  5. Sparkles are "sall culls."
  6. Silly side is "suicide."
  7. When I go in her room to wake her each morning, she pops up, sees me with my  makeup on and says, "What chew got on ya lips?"
  8. A hair dryer is a "dry hairer."
  9. She refers to Motrin by it's name.  "Mommy, I don't feel good.  I just need some Motwin."
  10. She still says, "I wanna hold you" when she wants me to hold her.
  11. She runs circles around her room every night before she goes to bed.
  12. She wants to kiss us all over our faces every night before bed.  "Can I kiss ya cheeks?  Ya lips?  Ya eyes?  Ya eyebwows?  Ya nose?"  Then, we have to kiss all of those places on her too.
  13. I was reminding Adia to make sure she tells the baby-sitter if she needs to go potty.  I said, "Make sure you go poo poo in the potty today."  She said, "Not in my panties.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I pomise."
  14. At dinner, I said, "You have to try your pineapple."  She said, "YOU don't answer me dat way."
  15. She thinks Micah's job is picking up Blossom's poop. A: Where's my daddy? Me: He's at work. A: Oh, he's at work.  He's pickin up Bossom's peeyoop out of day yawd.
  16. She STILL thinks Micah's job is picking up Blossom's poop.  A: Where's my daddy Me: He's at work.  A: Oh, he's at school.  He's ober der at school pickin up all da peeyoop
  17. When she wants me to read to her, instead of asking me to read, she tells me to "talk."
  18. We made up words to the little mouse song on Cinderella.  She sings our made up version all the time.  She sings, "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it's "Cinderelly, do da dishes, do the lawndwee, do da cook-it, and da cwean-it.""
  19. She always wants to see pictures of Isla on my phone.  "Let's look at pitchers of Isla on ya phone."
  20. She often tell us that she wants us to take her to Cincinnati. 
  21. I asked her to give me a kiss this morning.  She waited for a second, had gas, and said, "Ew, Momy, did you hear dat toot?"
  22. She always comments on clothes, make-up, and nail polish.  "Ooooh, dat nail polish is soooo cuuute!"
  23. She likes to pretend that she is leaving.  A: Bye bye!  See you laterrrr! Me: Where are you goin?  A: I'm goin to work.  I'm goin to go and make money for you.
  24. As Isla was resting on my lap, Adia stroked her face, looked at her, and said, "Hello there, sleepy cheeks."
  25. I made her hair "curlied" a few days ago.  She loved it so much. She kept running her fingers through it and she said, "This is sooooo cute.  I need to go show Daddy!"  Then she yelled, "Hey Daddy, I wanna show you my curlied!"
  26. A: I need to go to the booty (beauty) shop.  Me: Why?  A: Oh, I just needa get my hurrs cut.
  27. She often times asks me if I want to "hang out."  "Mommy, you wanna come hang out wif me?"
  28. Sometimes, she will get in the car after a fun filled day and just say, "I had so much fun today, Mommy."

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