Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Kids

Our Guy

We found out last week that we are expecting an adorable baby boy. It was so much fun to find out this time and to have Adia, Isla, and my parents with us. As soon as the ultrasound tech zoomed in on his "area," I could tell automatically.  I asked, "Is that what I think it is?"  And it sure was what I thought it was....  She confirmed that he is definitely a boy and we all smiled, laughed, and just burst into excitement.  I told the girls, "Did you hear that?  Mommy is having a boy!"  Adia smiled and Isla said, "Ooooooh!"  In the beginning of my pregnancy, I kind of thought it was a girl, but I think a big part of that is because that was all I was used to and I have several friends who have 3 girls in a row.  As I started feeling movement, I started to wonder if maybe this was a boy.  He does not move as frequently as the girls and not nearly as intense as Isla.  I think he is just a chill little guy like his daddy.  In the ultrasound, he had his hands folded and his feet crossed and was just chillin' most of the time.  In Isla's ultrasound, she NEVER stopped moving.  Most of her pictures were blurry because she would not stay still (which was a huge indicator of her personality and demeanor outside of the womb as well...)  This little guy moves and I feel him several times throughout the day, but he just seems more chill.  Everything looked good in the ultrasound.  His heart rate was 150 bpm and he was measuring a little big, but still normal.  He was breech, which is also very very different than my girls.  At 20 weeks with the girls, they were both head down and stayed head down the rest of my pregnancy.  My doctor did not seem to be concerned about Ike though and said he will likely turn head down before delivery.  I'm still a little concerned about that though and praying he turns.  I have a low placenta this time, meaning they will have to do another ultrasound at 20 weeks to make sure it moves up.  The doctor seemed pretty confident that it would move up, but if it does not, I will probably have a C-section at 37 weeks.  Again - I'm really hoping it moves up and that a C-section is not necessary.  I love knowing that he is a boy and I absolutely love daydreaming about him.  Here are some pics of his ultrasound and a few of the clothes my mom and I bought for him after we found out.  We are naming him Isaac Andrew, but we will call him Ike for short.  :)

Ike Wilcox :)

The proof.
The red onesie says, "Bounce With Me."  The outfit to the right of that was from H&M and I could not resist it.  Below that, the gray onesie says, "HELLO DADDY" and the blue one next to it has mustaches.  The little striped sleeper is so soft and snuggly.  We'll be packing that one in the hospital bag.  Cannot wait to snuggle my little Ike!

Adia and Isla

This is how we originally wanted to let the cat out of the bag, but the girls were a little too into their suckers and we couldn't get a really great picture of all of us and the HersHEy bar.


This girl says SO many funny things.  She is seriously the funniest person I know.  Last time I blogged, Isla had relapsed some in her potty training due to her fear of automatic toilets.  I'm relieved and happy to say that she is over this now and is doing great going potty.  Here are some of our favorite things about Isla right now:

1. What you do-nin (doing)?  Where you go-nin (going)? Why you cy-nin (crying)? I not sor-nin (snoring)!
2. Dat's how it goes.
3. Say, "Ok," Mommy.  (When she asks if she can do something and wants me to tell her it is ok...  For example, "Can I have a teat-teat (treat treat)?  Say, "Ok," Mommy."
4. I HUN-GEEEEEEE! (I'm hungry.)
5. Dat MY baby! (Anytime we refer to the baby as our baby, she corrects us and tells us it is indeed hers.)

6. She is sooo rough, but it's hilarious. Often times, her love pats feel more like love smacks.  She will tell us we are doing a good job at something or she will just be hugging us and "pat" our backs...  Her pats can be so hard that they almost knock the wind out of you.
7. Everyday, she gets so excited to see Micah when he comes home and yells at him, "I wanna ride ya BACK!"  He picks her up and throws her on his back and she giggles and loves every minute of it.
8. She and Adia share bunk beds.  Isla sleeps on the bottom.  We've caught her hanging from the top bunk railings like a monkey...  She sits with her legs crossed and swings back and forth from the bars under her sister's bed. 
9. She hardly walks at all any more.  What I mean is that her main form of transportation is jumping.  She jumps every where she goes, which leads me to my next one...
10. She is one of the strongest children I have ever seen.  I've never seen a toddler so muscular.  She has a 6 pack and her thighs and calves are just solid muscle.  I've never seen anything like it, but knowing how active she is, I am totally not surprised.


When did she turn 25?  Have you seen her?  Her hair is down to her waist, she is like 6 feet tall, and can carry on a conversation like a pro.  Who is this kid?

1. She LOVES school and her favorite thing to do when she is not in school is to pretend she is in school.  We are asked all the time, "Do you want to play kid and teacher?"  She often gives us interesting names such as "October" or "Fancy."  She was playing school with my parents recently and was calling my dad "Maurice."  If we do not listen to her, she threatens to move us to yellow or red and talks to us about how that would make everyone very very sad.  If we laugh during our school time, she tells us it is not time to laugh and that we need to listen.
2. She has been watching the movie "Elf" lately during her quiet time.  After watching it for the first time, she told me, "Mommy, you should watch Elf with me when we wake up tomorrow morning.  It has SO many silly things in it and I think you would love it."
3. She really wanted me to have a girl.  When she found out that the baby is a boy, she told us she would still love him but that maybe he could still change to a girl....  I tried to explain to her that he cannot change.  She said, "Well, if he does change to a girl, everyone will be shocked."
4. She is so sweet. If we are laying in bed or on the couch together, she will stroke our backs or arms or pat us.  Nothing sweeter than those little toddler hands stroking my baby belly.
5. While leaning against my belly, my stomach growled.  She said, "Mommy!  That baby is roaring at me!"

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  1. Your kids are awesome! I so enjoy hearing about what they say and do. One of these days I'll get to see them in person, I hope. May the Lord bless your new baby with health, laughter, love, and a heart that seeks and loves the Lord from a very early age.