Thursday, April 22, 2010


According to my "What to Expect" Iphone app, my tuna is about the size of a ripe blueberry. It's grown 10,000 times the size that it was at conception and it is growing about 100 new brain cells per minute. That is one smart little blueberry! It's head is what will be developing the most this week along with some of it's other vital organs. It's mouth and tonuge are also developing and it has little arm and leg buds. So crazy.

Micah and I will get to see the little baby for the first time when I have my ultrasound on May 17th. We are anxious to hear the heartbeat and to actually see it. It will just seem so much more real.

Other things that are startinng to remind me that it's real are things like my smell aversions. I usually LOVE barbecue, and I can still do barbecue chips, but if I even look at a bottle of barbecue sauce, it makes me want to gag. I also can't do cereal. The after taste makes me nauseous. Some things I've been wanting a lot of lately are saltines, baked potatoes with butter, sourcream, and A1, salt and vinegar chips, everything bagels with veggie cream cheese, and chocolate milk. I've also noticed that if I don't have any food on my stomach, I start to feel kind of bad and if I eat too much, I feel sick. I am not able to eat nearly as much as I used to. I also have to pee. A lot. Because of the hormones I now have, the peeing thing has become an issue. I usually get up 2-3 times per night to pee. It's a good thing Selena was on TBS at 4:00 this morning to keep me entertained. My #1 most prevalent symptom of all is exhaustion. I will fall asleep on the couch at 7:30 PM and not wake up until the next morning. It's insane. I usually could never ever do that. Lots of energy is being used up for that little blueberry!

Micah and I are still just beyond excited. December 15th can't come fast enough to us right now! Until then, we look forward to preparing for our little one and learning about it's growth and development along the way.

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  1. Yeah! Being pregnant is sooo much fun! You will never sleep through the night again! :) And the exhaustion thing is all part of it! That little baby tuna takes a lot of your energy! :) Sounds like you are doing great, Rachel! So happy for you guys!
    ~Rebekah Lorton