Friday, July 30, 2010

Mommy's Little Girl...

Well, it looks like most of you who voted were right! I am having a girl! I am 20 weeks pregnant today, (or 5 months) with little Adia Beth Wilcox. She is about the size of a large banana this week, but I thought instead of posting a picture of a banana, I'd post some pictures of Mommy and Adia instead. :) According to my "What to Expect" Iphone app, she is supposed to weigh about 11 ounces by the end of this coming week. However, SHE, (I love saying "she"), already weighs 13 ounces. I blame it on that Wilcox booty.... My mom and Micah's mom went with Micah and I to the ultrasound at 9:00 this morning. I was just amazed at her. We were able to see her opening her mouth and yawning and we watched her move around and kick all over the place. When the lady told us that the baby is a girl, I think we all gasped and laughed and even got a little misty eyed... She is already so loved and adored and I cannot express how absolutely blessed I feel to be given this wonderful little baby. Now, I can't wait to meet her! Enjoy the pictures!
This is my favorite! I had no idea that they would give us a little 3D one. At my doctor's office, you usually have to pay extra for those. I think she threw that one in there just because we were so amazed. (Click on the picture to make it bigger... I think she is going to have big eyes!)
I am amazed at what they can see on these ultrasounds. This is showing the underside of her little bottom and her girly parts... It's a girl!
This is a little profile shot. To the bottom left is her little rump and you can see her legs right above that. Her belly of course is in the middle, and then her head to the right. I love that belly.
Sweet little profile. :)
Another profile shot. I love seeing the outline of her little nose and mouth.


  1. Isn't it SO wonderful to be able to call her by name? This has made me excited all over again for my upcoming ultrasound. What a gift to be able to see them in their little world! So so happy for you guys, she's gonna be a knock-out