Friday, August 6, 2010

In love.

This is Adia's closet so far. We've known for a week that she is a girl, and she already has so many clothes. I purchased about 4 of these items. The rest are all from Micah's mom and his Ninnin. This does not include what my mother has already bought... She will be a well dressed baby! (Notice, there is very little pink. I'd like to keep it that way.... Not into the pepto bismol pink garb.)
This was after we went and saw Celtic Woman, (which was absolutely amazing). This was around 20 and 1/2 weeks or so. I'm learning to love the bump and the little girl inside.
I am 21 weeks now, and I am so in love with this little girl that it is just unbelievable. I tell Micah all the time, "I just love her." I can't wait to meet her and get to know her little, (or big), personality. This week, she is getting hair on her head and her eyelashes and eyebrows have developed. She is also able to grip things, meaning she is grabbing at the chord. She weighs over a pound now, and she is getting so strong! Micah and I spent about 10 minutes or so this morning just watching my belly move. I love her little kicks. I feel like that is our bonding time.
I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. It is the most amazing time I've experienced. It is such a joy to know that there is a little baby girl that is growing inside of me. If I love her this much now, I can't imagine what it will be like to actually see her face to face and to feel her little hand grasp onto my finger. I just can't wait. I know, it is flying by, but I am just so anxious to meet her. She is my love. :)

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