Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet 16

Instead of uploading a piece of fruit to show the size of the baby this week, I thought I'd put up a picture of what my baby looks like by now. I just finished my 16th week of pregnancy. Right now, the baby is about 5 inches from head to butt and weighs about 3.5 - 5 ounces. My Iphone app says the baby is about as long as my open hand, (not including it's little legs.) This week, the baby is starting to gain some baby fat and can hear almost every noise now. Loud noises will especially startle the baby, but will get the baby used to those noises also. The eyelids, which are now in the their final position, are still sealed, but the eyes can move from side to side and can sense light. The baby is practicing sucking and swallowing so that it will be ready to feed once it is born. Within the next week or so, it will have it's own little unique fingerprints and toeprints. I cannot wait to squish those little tiny toes!! I am feeling pretty good these days. Still tired, but good. Right now, I am starving, which is a feeling I haven't had much in the past few months. I have noticed that I am able to eat more than what I was able to eat in the first trimester. In my first trimester, if I made a sandwich, I'd eat maybe half of it and have some water. Now, I am eating a whole sandwich, a side of cottage cheese, and several fresh cherries with a bottle of water for lunch and I am able to finish it all off. I am eating several healthy snacks throughout the day also, (lots of fresh fruit). I made a roast last night with potatoes and carrots. I ate a couple of pieces of the meat and I had several veggies. After I was done with my serving, I had another bowl of the carrots. So, things are looking up for my appetite. I've also been amazed at just how much my body is changing. I still have these thin arms and legs, and then I have this growing hard belly. My belly is HARD. I'm still wearing most of my pre-preggo clothes with some modifications. I cannot zip up or button my jeans, but I have a Bellaband which covers that up and allows me to wear them. I have bought 2 maternity t-shirts and a pair of shorts and I just can't believe how much more comfortable they are. The most exciting thing about my pregnancy right now is that I can feel those little flutters like I mentioned last week. I am feeling them more frequently now and it just makes me smile and makes me melt every time. Soooo precious. We find out what this little flutterbaby is in 4 weeks from today! I will put this link up again on my blog in a few weeks, but Micah has set up a pool where you can vote on things about our baby. It's so much fun! There will be a winner in the end! Go to: and cast your vote!

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