Friday, August 27, 2010

6 Months In Love

Please excuse my wild hair day... But here we are at 6 months exactly. 16 more weeks to go! We are growing so much. :)
The next few pictures are some of what we have done in Adia's room. This is where Mommy and Daddy will sleep for the first few months. We didn't have a place to put this bed, so we just decided to keep it in the room for now and sleep in it for the first few months when she is here. Micah's parents bought us the rocker/glider. We have a little basket of books next to it just waiting to be read to her.
This is Adia's crib and changing table. The teddy bear on the changing table was mine when I was a baby. My brother gave it to me. It used to hold a heart in it's paws, but I maaaay have ripped it out as a child...
Her blanket on the side hasn't been washed yet, so it's pretty wrinkled, but this is her crib and her bedding. I love it.
Adia is about a foot long now and is probably close to 2 pounds if she's not there yet. Her capillaries are forming under her skin and filling with blood, which is giving her a pretty pink hue. She is also developing blood vessels in her lungs. Her little baby nostrils have been closed up until now, but they are starting to open up this week. This will help her take little practice breaths. Her lungs still have a very long way to develop. I am still really enjoying her kicks which are growing stronger every week. She loves my right side. She kind of balls up on that side pretty often, which actually sometimes gets a bit uncomfortable. Standing on my feet all day is still pretty hard. I am starting to force myself to sit a little more. The undersides on the sides of my belly have been getting a little sore along with my lower back. I'm also carrying her very low, which may be part of the reason I am having a little more pressure and discomfort right now. Nothing is unbearable yet though. Just starting to get a little bit uncomfortable. The peeing is insane. I think it's Adia's goal to see how many times she can make me pee during the day and night. I absolutely love feeling her move though and I feel more connected to her every day.
It is crazy how much I love her already. It makes me think about how if I love this child so much and I haven't even gotten to hold her yet, imagine how much God loves us. If He loves me more than I love her, then He must seriously ache with how much He loves us. I cannot wait to meet her. I can't wait to hold her and to hear her call me, "Mommy." I can't wait to give her kisses and just to let her hear my voice and tell her that I love her. I bet that is how God feels about us. He can't wait to get to know us and to hear us call him, "Daddy." He can't wait to hold us and let us know His love. I feel like I can relate to my Lord more and like I can appreciate His love for me more now than I ever could. Father, thank you so much for this baby and for loving her deeply like you have loved me.

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