Friday, November 12, 2010

5 week count down

I cannot believe there are only 5 weeks left until my due date. I know that pretty much every pregnant woman says this, but I seriously wonder if I will make it until then. I am constantly told how big my belly is. We went to Buy Buy Baby tonight to get a few last items that we need for the baby. One lady at the register told me that I looked beautiful and that I definitely had a "glow." The lady to her right looked at me and said, "When is your due date?" I told her that I am due on Decemeber 17th. She said, "You still have that long to go? Are there 2 babies in there?" When I told her no, she said, "Does your doctor say that it's ok that your belly is so big and you're not due until December 17th?" I just smiled and said, "I'm guessing everything is going to be fine." They continued to ask questions such as, "Your doctor must be planning a c-section for you, right?" This is just 1 example of how strangers react to me and my enormous belly daily. Yes, my belly is big. Honestly, it doesn't hurt my feelings and I don't really get offended. My arms and legs are still bird-like and I have had some swelling in my hands and feet, but nowhere else. I just have a very large and sticky-outy belly due to a big precious chubby girl continuing to grow inside of me. Throughout this pregnancy, I have told everyone how much I just love being pregnant. The first trimester was nauseating, but I didn't care because I was just so excited and thankful to be pregnant. I was anxious for the journey ahead and couldn't wait for all the fun to begin. The second trimester was wonderful. The nausea started going away, there were very few aches and pains, and I found out I was having a girl. Then, the third trimester came roaring on in. As of right now, I am ready to meet this baby and hold her in my arms instead of in my belly. I still LOVE the kicks and the movements. I have had so much fun preparing for her as well, with the baby showers and getting her room ready and organizing all of her things. However, I am just so uncomfortable now. I went in my closet to put on my Tom's shoes this morning and I seriously could not get them on my feet. I wore house shoes to school today. I have been wearing a $6 "wedding" ring from JCPenney's for a while now, due to the swelling in my hands. My hands also fall asleep at night and I wake up with them feeling tingly and numb. My tailbone constantly hurts. Even to roll my legs over at night require me to actually pick them up and lift them over. Micah comes to the shower and washes my feet for me. Speaking of the shower, shaving my legs has become a real issue. Another discomfort is due to the fa3ct that Adia loves my right side. This causes my ribs on my right side to be tender just to touch them. I am feeling so squished and it is hard to breathe. The Braxton Hicks contractions have become much more frequent and even very painful at times. My inner thighs, sides, and lower belly always hurt. My doctor says that all of these things are normal though and that my "honeymoon is over." He said that most women at this stage go through the same sorts of things, but that mine may be magnified even more due to the fact that I carry her so low, which puts more pressure on certain points. Awesome. 5 more weeks... Really? And this kid is only going to get bigger. They say they gain about a pound a week in the last month. If that's the case, I am in for it. Adia is awesome. I look at her ultrasound pictures constantly. I stare at her chubby little face and I just imagine what that sweet face will look like and feel like in person. Tonight, I bought her the cutest little hat and mittens at Buy Buy Baby. I could not resist them. She will be so adorable all bundled up in her snuggly winter clothes. I can't wait to hold her little hands and to poke all 10 of her little tiny toes. The closer I get to meeting her, the more anxious I become. She will be here next month. A month ago today, my little nephew, Sam was born. In about a month from now, my sweet little one will be born. I look back at where I was a month ago, and that seems like just yesterday. I know that these next few weeks will go by so quickly. I am so very thankful to be pregnant with this lovely little girl. I can't wait to get to know her. I am going to read to her, sing to her, and just snuggle her to pieces. I think her daddy is getting pretty excited too. He is so sweet. He loves to feel her and watch her move across my belly. He sings to her and talks to her and has even recorded a little song for her that he wants to set to video once she is born. She is so lucky to have such a sweet and loving daddy. Well, I am exhausted after my big date night and trip to Buy Buy Baby. It is time for a foot rub and some chocolate milk!

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  1. My hands would fall asleep and tingle. In fact, to this day my left hip will go numb if I'm on my right side. I had a woman tell me I was having twins, not asking, telling me. Everyone has an opinion. I think you look beautiful!!!! And your baby bump is beautiful too. :) I was due Jan 4 and had Garrett on Dec 11. Can't wait to see pictures of the newest addition to the Wilcox family!!!