Thursday, November 18, 2010

9 Months!

This is my swollen and gross foot. Ha ha ha! A nice little, (or big), reminder that the end is near and that I am officially 9 months pregnant.
So, I took the above picture while I was at school yesterday at about 2:30. If you remember my tiny little bird legs and size 5 and 1/2 foot, then you remember how tiny this part of my body usually is. However, pregnancy does crazy things to you! I am trying to drink lots of fluids and lots of water, but if I am working all day, I just cannot stop the swelling from happening.
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it went really well. I have not dilated yet, but my doctor tends to think that I will either have a baby that is "a bit on the bigger side," or that my day of delivery may actually be a bit earlier than what we originally thought. My blood pressure is still great, so he says the swelling is ok and that it is not due to anything other than the fact that I am pregnant and working too hard. He told me the best thing I can do is to pretty much just lay down.
The closer I get to this due date, the more anxious and excited I get to see this chubby girl's sweet face! I simply cannot wait to see her. I know I am going to be so overwhelmed with emotions. Micah and I have been getting ready for her and it is just so much fun. We've got some of her blankets washed, a few clothing items washed, and most of her things put together. Her little tiny socks are the most adorable things I have ever seen. They are just too precious. I bought her the sweetest pair of newborn mittens and a toboggan to match.
My belly gets bigger and bigger by the minute. I did not know I could ever look like this. It is absolutely insane. I guess that's what happens when you have such a big girly growing inside of you. :)
It is good to know that if the baby were born now, she'd be totally fine and dandy. In a way, I am hoping to make it to my due date, just for school reasons. However, if I had her a week early or so, I wouldn't complain. ;) There are a lot of exciting things happening this coming month before she arrives. My parents are coming up this evening and staying until Saturday. On Saturday evening, Micah and I are putting up the Christmas tree and making monster cookies while listening to Christmas music. Next week, we only have 2 days of school, and then we have the meal I have been looking forward to for months on Thanksgiving. I get to see my precious little nephew that weekend as well. My grad school class will be over, (praise Jesus!)Then, I only have to make it about 3 more weeks until this sweet baby comes. After that, it is our first Christmas with our new little baby. God is soooooo good.


  1. WOW that is a massive foot. yep. I bet you'll have that chunky monkey before thanksgiving. I put my money on the table that you.have her next's my $10

  2. Wow! My feet swelled with Harrison. I got a couple of lower body massages and they made the swelling go down - at least for a couple of days. Awww, relief! Hang in there, girl! (well, like you have a choice, huh?) :)