Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Adjusting Lives

So, I know I may be a liiiiittle bit partial, but I am pretty sure I have the cutest baby ever. She is the sweetest. She is getting so big! My in-laws came to visit for just a little while on Saturday. Micah's mom thinks Adia is "much heavier" since she held her just 1 week ago. I was holding her today and noticing that the sleeves of her 0-3 month sleeper are now about an inch above her wrists and her little cute toes push the little feet out all the way. I put a few 3-6 month sleepers in the wash this evening and I'm anxious to see how they will fit. Her size 1 diapers are also starting to get a bit small as well. I think we'll use the rest of what we have and then move on to the 2's. Since Adia goes to a nanny now, we have to send breastmilk to feed her in a bottle. She eats around 5 ounces per feeding. Sometimes, she will eat 6 ounces, while other times she eats just 5, then maybe 5.5. I can't believe she eats so much now. No wonder she is getting so big! She grew out of the size small/medium swaddlers about 3 or 4 weeks ago. We've had to use the size large ever since. At her 8 week appointment 3 weeks ago, she weighed 12 pounds. So, I'd guess that she probably weighs close to 13 pounds or so by now. I love all of her little rolls and creases. They are just too cute. She has the fattest little belly and the jiggliest little butt I've ever seen on a baby her age. I guess she already has the "Wilcox booty." Speaking of Wilcox... she looks more and more like her daddy every day. As a newborn, she looked a lot like a Runyan, but the older she gets, the more I see Micah in her. She still has my mouth, but so much of her looks is in her expressions and her brow, which is just soooo Micah. The child still spits up every where. I mean EVERY WHERE... It is insane. We go through more bibs and burp cloths than I ever imagined we would. She will be in the middle of this enormous smile and just start spitting up without ending her smile. She truly is a "happy spitter." Her hair is getting lighter. In some pictures, her hair doesn't look as long or thick as it used to. When she was first born, it was a little darker brown and stood out more against her skin. Now, it's getting a lighter and lighter auburn and does not show up as well in pictures. It's still there, and it's still long and thick for her age. I don't think she's lost any of it. Even her eyebrows are turning a more strawberry blonde color. I think she is going to be a blonde little girl. Cute things Adia does: Adia has the most precious smile I have ever ever seen. She has one dimple in her right cheek when she smiles and it gets me every time. I love her big floofy cheeks that rest on her chest. She often sleeps with her little bottom lip sticking out. Last week, she went through this thing where she just "talked" allll the time. It was so cute. Even on the way to the sitter, she'd just coo in her carseat. For some reason though, she hasn't been quite as talkative this weekend. She's been very curious and she tries to mimic what we do with our facial expressions. When we sing to her, she often "sings" along with us. It's super super super precious... She often looks like she is trying to tell us something but just can't get the words out. It's so funny. It's like she wants to say it sooo bad, but she can't. She has a "poop face" and a "poop fist." When she has to poop, she looks so serious and furrows her brow, then clinches her right fist as tight as she can. Whenever she makes a fist, she always always always has her thumb between her pointer and middle finger. I have no idea why she does that, but I think it's so cute. Work/childcare/our lives: Work is going well. I have been pretty busy at work, and it's hard to manage my time when I am pumping at work and having to be at the sitter's in time to pick up Adia. Therefore, the time that I do have to work, I have to use it efficiently. I have started trying to eat my lunch while watching the kids at recess. My kids only have 25 minutes to eat. By the time I get them lined up, hands sanitized, and ready for lunch, then get back to my room to pump, I usually am left with only 2-5 minutes to eat before I have to go pick up my kids again. It's crazy. So, I'm learning how to manage my time and to eat during recess so I can have plenty of time to relax and pump. Right now, I'm pumping about 15-20 ounces per day. I pump after I feed her in the mornings, and then 3 times at school. I am pumping plenty right now for her to have enough at the sitters, and I already had about 80 ounces of milk in the freezer before I started back to work. I am just hoping I can continue to pump enough when she starts eating more than 6 ounces per feeding. I had to leave work early on Thursday. I got a stomach bug, then also got a horrible cold. Working in schools is horrible for catching all those things that go around. I was back for 1 week and already caught both things. :( The stomach virus only lasted for about a day, but the cold is still around and it's making me feel pretty bad. My throat was really sore on Friday and I had a fever of almost 100. I felt better yesterday, but now, I have all of this congestion in my head that's making me feel pretty bad again. I'm also having to use my inhaler like crazy. This is no good. When I got it a month or so ago, it had 168 doses on it. I'm down to 31. I'm so thankful for my husband for all the help he has been. He's been great about dusting and vacuuming to try to help with my allergies. The sitter situation couldn't have worked out better. I love that when I drop Adia off, her sitter (Pam) immediately scoops her up, talks to her, and pats her little bottom while Adia gives her the biggest grin. I feel like she is treated with love and care and well taken care of. She has continued to be a happy baby and still sleeps well through the night, which lets me know that Pam is pretty much sticking to the schedule I had set for Adia. I'm so so so very thankful. I read on a breastfeeding website, (either kellymom or la leche league- I can't remember which), that breastfed babies will often want to nurse for a longer period of time after they've left a daycare or a sitter because they miss their mommas... I think this is true. When I bring Adia home, I nurse her around 5:30. She will nurse for a solid 45 minutes. Most of the time, she just nurses for about 15-20 minutes, but it is often double when I get her home from the sitter. I don't mind at all, since I miss her so much during the day and I enjoy the contact. Plus, if that's true, I think it's pretty precious that she misses her mommy. Our lives have been pretty busy, but good. We are just enjoying watching this little girl grow and watching her develop. She loves when we talk to her and sing to her, but we think she may prefer my voice over Micah's, simply because of the higher picthed tone. (She's probably the only person in the world that would prefer my voice over Micahs's!) She does a good job sleeping through the night, but just recently, we noticed that she occasionally starts to whimper around 3:30 or 4. When she does this, if we just give her a pacifier, she goes right back to sleep. If we let her continue to whimper, she will sometimes do so for about an hour or even longer sometimes. If we give her the pacifier, it's pretty much over immediately. Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm going to go feed myself before I have to feed Adia again. I will update again in about a week or so.

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