Saturday, April 30, 2011

Almost 5 months already... wow!

I cannot believe how time flies. In some ways, it feels like Adia was just born yesterday, and in other ways, it feels like I've known her my entire life. My love for her has only grown, which I didn't know was even possible. She gets cuter and cuter every day and she continues to melt my heart with her sweet little coos, smiles, giggles, and expressions. Here are some of my recent favorites: After I nurse her, she often turns her head and just rests it against me while she hugs me with both of her arms. It's so incredibly precious. I just snuggle her like this for as long as I can. I know these days will go by too quick! She does this little spit/gurgle thing when she tries to "talk." It's really cute, although I don't enjoy it so much when she has a mouthful of green beans since they end up flying in my face. Watching her play is so much fun. She still loves her Baby Einstein playmat, her exersaucer, her toys that hang from her carseat, and her bath toys. Pretty much everything she grabs though goes straight to her mouth.... including my fingers, my hair, and my clothes. Her smiles/expressions/voice are equally sweet. If she knows/trusts you, she will smile at you all the time. If she is unsure of you or if you are not a gentle speaker, she furrows her brow and keeps looking at me, then back at the other person, then at me, and so on. She has a very expressive brow and gives us many different looks throughout the day. Her sweet little voice is also just precious. She still likes to "sing" some and she often "talks" to her toys and while she eats. On to some changes. We don't swaddle Adia anymore. She was rolling from belly to back for a while, but not from back to belly, so I just kept swaddling her since we always laid her on her back in her crib. However, one day, I noticed that she was rocking back and forth on to her side and she looked like she could roll over onto her belly any second. That night, I still swaddled her and when I went to get her the next morning, she was completely on her side in her swaddle. That's when I decided to go cold turkey and just remove the swaddle altogether. The first couple of nights were a little rough, but not as bad as what I had expected. Before we stopped swaddling, she would sleep 10-12 hours at night consecutively. Now, she occasionally wakes up once or twice and cries for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep. Adia still spits up, but not nearly as much as she used to. She is spitting up more right now, but that's more because she has a cold. We used to go through about 9-10 bibs per day and they'd be completely soaked. Now, we go through 1-2 bibs per day and she doesn't sleep in one at night. When it comes to her size, I've noticed that the size 3-6 month clothes are starting to be a little too short on her and tight around her waist. I think she'll be in 6-9 months in no time. Her diapers are all size 3's. No more swaddlers- all cruisers. When I see newborn diapers now, I am just amazed at the fact that those used to actually fit Adia at one point. It's hard to believe she was ever that small now. She looks to me like she is starting to actually slim down a bit. She's still very long, but she doesn't look as chubby to me as she used to. Her chubby spots are all in her cheeks, butt, and thighs. Those spots are all pretty chubby, but she really doesn't have a huge belly or arms anymore. However, she does have saddle bags. Seriously. Here's a picture of my baby and her J.Lo booty. :)

I know she'll kill me someday for this!

She is eating solids now, which mostly just consists of cereal with a little bit of vegetables. She loves sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. She'll eat the peas and the green beans, but she definitely prefers the orange colored veggies over the green. (Not that I blame her!)

Well, the baby is asleep and this momma is about to nod off any second! So, goodnight!

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