Sunday, January 29, 2012

Toddler Days

After Adia turned 1, I no longer received the emails from Baby Center talking about, "Your Baby This Week..." instead, I started receiving emails from them talking about, "Your Toddler This Week..." Have I accepted that my baby is becoming a toddler? Not quite yet! When everyone tells you about how they really do grow up too fast, believe them. They really really do! So here are some updates on our "toddler." Adia talks baby talk allllll the time. When awake, she is constantly "saying" something. Most of it consists of "bizabee a bee bee aaaaah da da fit cha fit cha buh buh." Adia also says the following words: ma ma, da da, baby, puppy, uh-oh, shoes, pease (please), tane too (thank you), pops, and possibly a few more that I'm not thinking of at the moment. Adia loves food. When I say that she loves food, I mean she adores it. She will eat almost anything and I have to control her portions. For lunch today, she ate several pieces of cut-up deli meat, cheese cubes, and half of a banana. She ate every bit of it. I never have to worry about her not getting enough food. I have to worry more about her eating too much. Some of her favorites: macaroni and cheese, green beans, yogurt, cooked carrots, mandarin oranges, peaches, baked chicken patties, deli meat, bananas, cut up grapes and on and on and on. The only things she is hesitant about are things that I think she doesn't like the texture of. For example, she will eat chicken, but if it is a tougher texture, she will spit it out. Adia still crawls and cruises everywhere, but she does not walk on her own yet. I really think she could do it, but she is scared. She will take a few steps on her own walking from an object or from Micah to me or the other way around, but she'll only take around 4 steps or so before squatting down to crawl. Adia has a very sweet personality. These days, she really wants her mommy. I love it, but I also know that it's probably not so good with a new baby coming. She wants me to hold her a lot, so I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to juggle taking care of a newborn when Adia is still so needy. I've heard that after the first 4 months or so, that it gets much easier, but I'm sure March-May will be a bit challenging. Adia is still a very content child. Everyone told me that when she started crawling, she'd be into everything. In all honesty, she is busy, but nothing like what people had warned me about. She's so good. She will go to her little toy kitchen and just play and play and play for 20 minutes at a time. My favorite time of the day is the time I get to spend with my family in the evenings. We give Adia a bath, get her dressed for bed, and turn on her starry night-light (which puts stars on the ceiling). I rock her and we sing together to her as she snuggles up in my chest with her Snoopy. She is just so precious and oooooh so sweet. We still put her to bed awake and she rarely makes a peep. She goes to sleep quickly, snuggling her Snoopy, and she'll sleep around 12-13 hours straight. I have such a good girl. :)

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