Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Recap

What can I say...  A LOT has happened/is happening this summer.  Here is a list of updates for those who read and for myself later on down the road when I want to reflect on how crazy our lives were that one summer...
  • Isla is 4 months old.  Where has the time gone?  She is 14 pounds and very healthy.  Her sister weighed the exact same when she was 4 months old.  Kinda funny.  Isla started rolling over 4 days after turning 4 moths (from back to belly.)  She smiles all the time and I adore it.  She has also started sleeping through the night much more consistently (knock on wood.)  For instance, last night, she slept from about 8:30 PM until 6:45 AM.  It's amazing how her sleeping through the night makes a WORLD of difference for us the next day.  I feel so much more refreshed and ready to take on the busy life of being a mommy of 2 babies.  I always feel dirty...  Let me explain.  I get spit up on, pooed on, peed on, slobbered on, and snotted on all the time.  Recently, Adia was dipping something ketchup.  Her little toddler hands were covered in the red sticky goo which she then decided to run through my long and knotted hair.  I regularly wear a pair of capri length sweats I bought a few years ago at Target.  They are stained from a baby blowout that occurred about 3 months ago.  Micah refuses to let me leave the house in them.  Isla has recently started eating about every 3-4 hours during the day instead of every 2.5-3.  I don't feel like all I do is nurse anymore, so it's nice to have a little more time.  :)  Isla also stays awake much longer during the day now.  She loves her Baby Einstein playmat and enjoys watching the Baby channel in her monkey chair.  I can't believe she enjoys that channel so much, but she certainly does. 
  • Adia is 19 months.  She's big.  Everyone sees her and comments on what a big girl she is.  She's gotten awfully bashful in public, but she's the life of the party at home.  She is usually the easiest child in the world. She's so content and sweet most of the time.  She does throw her tantrums though and boy are they dramatic.  She has her own crying corner.  Now, when she starts to misbehave, I can tell her, "Adia, go to your corner."  She stomps her feet and marches to her corner and sits in it and cries.
Favorite Adia sayings/doings:
  • When whining because I wasn't getting her food to her fast enough, I said, "Adia, Mommy is getting it."  She whined, "I... am...  patient!"
  • When Isla was crying, she walked over to her and laid a burp cloth over her legs and said, "Isla cying.  She sad.  Mommy, get her!"
  • She calls anything that is not water, "mulk."
  • "Mommy, hole du."
  • In response to any questions where you would typically answer, "Yes," she says, "Yeah...  ah-k!"
  • When she drops anything or can't reach something (for example, her juice which she calls "mulk") she'll say, "Mulk uh please!"
  • She loves to "rub" or pat our backs to comfort us.  Sweetest thing ever.
  • She is obsessed with "make-uk."
  • When we let water out of the bathtub, she says, "Bye bye, waters...  Bye bye bubbas."
  • She sings, "Twinkle Twinkle." "Keeko keeko tars...  up above uh tars...  like a dima tars...."
  • She sings, "Row Row."  "Row row row row row row row... Meh ee meh ee meh ee meh ee" (merrily merrily.)
  • She sings, "Happy Birthday."  "Happy to you, happy to you, happy to you, happy to you."
Other updates on our lives:
  • We are moving to Florence, KY.  Micah got a job up there at Cooper High School.  I'm so sad to leave Lexington, but excited for a new start and a new home as well.  We found a great house that we can grow into and not out of, so that is nice.  We'll also be closer to Micah's brother and his wife, which is really nice.  Our kids are going to be bff.  :)
  • We are trying to sell our house.  If you know anyone looking to move to Lex, send them here!
  • I am quickly becoming obsessed with pinterest.
  • We need prayer as we go through these transitions.
  • I am learning a great deal this summer about DIY projects, how to juggle 2 babies on little sleep, how to give up things I love for others (dairy, for example), and that I need to praise Jesus not because of what I do or don't have, but despite what I do or don't have in whatever situation I am in - good or bad - and for WHO He is. 
  • That is all for now.  :)

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