Thursday, August 2, 2012


I don't have time to write this, but I need to write this.  I had planned on staying home with my daughters this school year and watching a few teachers kids.  If you would've asked me in May what my plans were going to be over the next few months, I would've told you something much different than what has actually transpired.  It just goes to show that we can plan however much we want, but if it's not God's plan, it's not going to work.

I am going to be teaching at a great school in Boone County.  I am thrilled to be given this opportunity and to continue on in my career.  However, I cannot express to you how much I am going to miss being home with my daughters.  I seriously feel like a piece of me has just been torn away. I'm going to be honest.  I know being a stay at home mom is not an easy job.  I've done it for the past almost five months with two very young kids and let me tell you....  A stay at home mom does not have time to sit around in their pj's all day with a cup of coffee in her hands while her children obey every word she says and do educational activities independently.  Stay at home moms work.  They are busy.  They are wearing their pj's because they don't want to get their good clothes ruined with spit up and they are hanging on to that cup of coffee for dear life in hopes that the caffeine in that cup will keep them awake enough to put a spoon in the dishwasher and to pick the tiny pieces of shredded cheese out of their daughter's hair.  With all of that said - stay at home moms need to seriously thank Jesus every minute of every day for their children and their ability to stay with their children all day long.  They get to see every little glimmer of excitement in their child's eyes, hear their little running feet across the floor, and hold their little ones every time they cry out, "Mommy, hole du." 

On the other side of the coin, I know there are many people out there who would do anything for a job right now.  I'm very thankful to be blessed with a job that I love and one that allows me to have summers and holidays off with my family.

We are moving.  I already miss Lexington and I am still sitting on my couch in Lexington right now.  The thought of packing the boxes brings tears to my eyes.  I love it here.

We are having an open house on Sunday.  Tell your friends, invite everyone you know. Buy our house.

We don't have a closing date for our new home yet.  We could very well end up starting school without a place to live. 

I have to find childcare for my daughters. 

One of my previous professors forgot or neglected to give me a grade for his class.  I am having to try to contact Georgetown (who I am having a difficult time getting in contact with) to try to get this changed on my transcript.  If I cannot get it changed, this will affect my pay.  Not good.  The professor quit working there after he taught my class.  Should be interesting.

I have to get my classroom ready.  I have to make lesson plans.  I need to get to work.  My work is currently an hour away from me. 

Some good things:
We love our new home in Boone County.  We'd just like to move into it.

Isla has mostly started sleeping through the night.  She occasionally has an off night, but it's more rare now.

I have a lot of people who love and care for me and my family.  I can't tell you how overwhelmed I've been, but also, how overwhelmed I've been with the prayers, support, and encouragement others have been giving to me at this time.  Thank you.


  1. So many transitions in such a short amount of time! I know from experience how difficult that can be. God will see you through and in a year, you will be settled and feel like the time just flew by. Congrats on the new jobs!

  2. wow. that is a LOT to have to process. I'll praying for you.