Friday, November 30, 2012


The past 6 months or so have most definitely been the most challenging and worrysome 6 months of my life.  Having said that, instead of writing about all of the things that I have allowed to consume me, I will thank the Lord that my most rough and insane 6 months would still be someone else's most incredible blessing.  I have to remind myself of this regularly.  Life is hard, but compared to the lady across the street, the kid who is too scared to go to sleep out of fear, or even compared to Lindsey Lohan, I have it pretty good.  God has blessed me tremendously, and through the hard times, he has given me such joy and comfort.  So, instead of listing off all of the fears, worries, and trials, I will list what's up.

I got my haircut.  It's very different and it was a very unplanned thing.  I'm trying to be more spontaneous.  I love to plan.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  However, I do enjoy being spontaneous and it is almost romantic to me to be so.  This was a spontaneous decision that made me feel fun and girly.

This girl.  Holy cow.  She is keeping me on my toes. At 7 and 1/2 months old, she started crawling.  all. over. the. place.  A few days later, she started pulling herself up on furniture and other random items to stand.  She stands all the time now.  In the bathtub, in her crib, in a pack'n'play, everywhere.  I can hardly hold her without her trying to climb up my torso.  She may be wild, but she is still very sweet and will do anything for a reaction.  She loves to yell, try to mock her sister, and get into absolutely everything.  She has 2 teeth and she is in the process of cutting 2 more.  She is doing really well, despite her busy ways.  Tonight, I held her and rocked her and sang a made up song to her that only a mommy can sing.  She looked up into my eyes the whole time and sang her little coos with me, all with the most adorable little smile on her face.  I keep saying that this child was not planned, but she totally was.  God knew I needed her and He had her planned to be mine since I took my first breath.  Here she is with her sweet smile and her first set of pigtails.

Have I mentioned that we just started watching 24?  We began season 4 a couple of nights ago and I am trying to rush through typing this so that I can begin season 4, episode 4.  I have never in my life seen a show like this one.  This pin is awesome.  I could not resist sharing it.  I saw another one that said, "Jack Bauer makes Chuck Norris cry."  I would totally believe it.

Christmas time is here!  I couldn't be happier.  As a kid, I always looked forward to Christmas break so that I could be out of school and enjoying the season.  As a teacher, I feel that way multiplied by about 100.  :)  I love my class, but it's so nice to have that paid time off with my family.  I can't wait to teach Adia more about baby Jesus and to start our family traditions with the 2 of them.  Pinterest has been inspiring me to wrap in some fun ways.  Here are a couple of packages I've wrapped.  I used chalkboard marker and for the brown packages I also used stamps.
Our pretty tree in our new home.  Adia loves our tree and I'm pretty sure that Isla wants to climb all of the branches.  Adia has a favorite little angel ornament.  She tells me, "I like a orment.  It's a angel.  She got wings!"  She also comments on the tree often to tell me, "Kiss-mas chee is booful, Mommy!"  Nothing can make my heart sing more than that tiny little girly voice.

It's hard for me to update this thing often.  I would say that I never have time, but the fact is that Jack Bauer will assassinate me if I don't continue to watch 24.  :)  So Happy Holidays!

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