Friday, January 16, 2015

Ike's Little Man Room Nursery!

I had so much fun getting ready for Ike in every way.  I have loved knowing he is a boy and I have loved organizing his things, imagining him in his little tiny man clothes, and getting his room ready.  First off, I want to say that I have been ridiculously blessed by women who have bought him clothes and have given me their sons' hand me downs.  When it's your third baby, it's not typical to receive many gifts, but we have been given so much and we are so very thankful. 

We didn't really have a real "theme" for his room.  We just wanted it to be kind of manly but still little boy and still warm and welcoming.  So here is what we came up with.  We also wanted to do something that could transition well as he's older and we had no desire to paint. 
My husband made the teepee and I think it s absolutely adorable.  We used some wood and a painter's canvas. Signs came from Hobby Lobby and At Home (used to be called Garden Ridge.)

This is the same changing table we had for the girls.  Inside are diapers, wipes, more burp cloths, bathing items, disposable diaper bags for poopy diapers, etc.  My husband installed the pegboard above the changing table.  I LOVE it.  It is actually very handy and convenient.  The letters on the left are his initials.  They are cardboard and I just painted them green and taped them to the board.  Easy.  The "XOXO" sign is from Hobby Lobby.  I believe I paid $4.89 for it. 

I just loved this little sign.  The little metal cup was mine as a baby.

This is the same glider we had for the girls.  Honestly, it is not the best in the world, but it is totally fine.  The skull head thing came from At Home and I thought of the "Men of Honor" wall a while back and always wanted to do it if we ever had a boy.  So glad I got the chance!

This is my favorite part.  The "Men of Honor" wall.  I love super heroes and I know Ike probably will one day too (Iron Man is definitely my favorite.)  However, I thought it would be really special to honor the generations of men in our families who came before him and telling Ike their stories as he grows.  This wall has photos of my husband and his father, and grandfathers as well as my dad, my grandfathers, and some of my great grandfathers.  Most of the frames came from the Dollar Store and we spray painted some blue.  The navy ones came from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.   The sign in the middle has 1 Corinthians 16:13-14.  I made the sign in Word using different fonts and just printed it off on a piece of fun paper from Hobby Lobby.

We will eventually add a crib skirt.  Doing that and putting in a monitor will be the last things on our list.  This was Adia's (our oldest girls') crib.  We used chalkboard paint to paint the middle of a picture frame and write his name on it to go above his bed.  The sign on the right is from Hobby Lobby.

I had a camping theme in my classroom at school one year and used this pillow.  The teddy bear was my bear as a child and I slept with it every night from the time I was one to when I went to college.

Sign from Hobby Lobby

I bought some plastic drawers to go in his closet to organize clothes, socks, bibs, hats, fitted sheets, and swaddlers.  I labeled each drawer by writing on a small piece of white paper and taping it to the inside.  We can easily remove them and change the labels to whatever as we switch out his clothes as he grows.  The clothes hanging up are mostly nicer outfits.  The clothes in the drawers go up to 6 months.  On the left, I have 2 bins of clothes that are organized with sizes 9 months and up.  They are organized by season and size so that I can easily rotate them out.  I'd say 95% of his clothes are hand me downs.  So wonderful and adorable!

This is what it looks like as you walk into the door and enter his room.  The curtain and rod came from the At Home store.  Can't wait to see my baby boy in there.  :)

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