Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby's First Photo

We got to see our little one today!!! This little marshmallow cloud is our baby. The bottom left is the head and the rest of it's body is to the right. Right above the head is the umbilical cord and to the right of the umbilical cord is it's little legs, (which are hard to see in this picture, but we were able to see on the video.) (You can also click on the picture to make it bigger.) Our doctor said the baby is very very healthy and that everything looks wonderful. We are even more excited than we already were. During the ultrasound, the baby was very active. It looked like it was doing little ab crunches and karate kicks. If that is a sign of what's to come, then we may be in trouble!! We were able to see the heartbeat, which we thought was really cool. Our doctor was very nice and I am so incredibly glad that we chose to go to him. We go back on June 18th.
The baby is about the size of a prune now. Still very small... We thought the due date was December 15th, but the baby measured for December 17th, which he said things could still change and it could be sooner or later. We will see. As for me, I've not been feeling so well lately. Very very nauseous almost all the time now. I have very little energy and I've lost about 5 pounds since my last visit to the doctor, which I contribute to the fact that I am not able to eat nearly as much as what I used to. Smells still bother me quite a bit and even food commercials make me queasy. The doctor said that my nausea is a good sign though and that everything is going very well.
I am already so in love with this baby. It is just insane. I can't wait for these next 7 months so that I get to meet my little snuggle bug.
Mommy and baby. I am one happy momma!!

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