Thursday, September 9, 2010

26 weeks or 6 and 1/2 months

As you can tell, the belly has continued to grow, although I have not gained much weight. I had a doctor's appointment along with my glucose test today. My blood sugar was really low before my test. The lady who tested my sugar before I drank the orange stuff said that most women's blood sugar levels are in the mid to high hundreds. However, mine was only 68. She said that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but that if I have felt faint or light headed that could be why. This could be why I have had a few problems feeling faint lately. After I drank the stuff, I went to my doctor's appointment and found out that I have only gained 1 pound in the last 4 weeks. I actually think that Adia has gained all of that weight, leaving the rest of Mommy with skrawny arms and legs! I STILL weigh less than what I did before I found out I was preggo! I don't know how that is possible, but he said that I am still having the model pregnancy. I can tell she is getting bigger since her little kicks and jabs are getting stronger and I can feel her more all over my belly.

Above is a short little video of Adia kicking a little bit. You can usually see it better when I am laying down, but I am sitting up here and these are just some cute little kicks.

My Iphone app says that I should start feeling her hiccup any time now, but I haven't yet. I think that will be fun when I do. She weighs over 2 pounds now and is about 15 inches from head to foot. Her hearing is much better now and she can not only hear us speaking, but she can actually recognize her mommy's voice and her daddy's voice, which I think is amazing. She has an insane amount of tastebuds now, (even more than what she will have after she is born), and can taste the foods I eat through the amniotic fluid. I have noticed that she will kick a lot more right after I finish eating.

I can call the doctor tomorrow and find out how my glucose test went. He said that he suspects that everything is going great. Baby's heartbeat is still very healthy and she is growing at a perfect rate. As for me, I'm still doing pretty good. My back is still more sore these days and walking around all day does take a toll on me. However, I'm not in a state of misery yet and I am still really enjoying being pregnant. I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks. I can't believe I will be 30 weeks pregnant in 4 weeks. We also go to our first lamaze class that evening. It's so weird that it's all coming up so quickly. We cannot wait to meet this sweet little girl. I am getting more and more anxious by the day. :)


  1. P.S. The glucose test came back just fine. Good blood work results. :)

  2. I keep expecting her to burst out of your stomach. Like a scary movie. PS, fingers crossed that doesn't happen.