Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Belly, Big Week.

Where to even begin??? I can't believe what all has happened in the past couple of weeks. The most exciting news of all is that my precious little nephew was born! He was born on October 12th, weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds and 2 ounces! He came out with the sweetest little face and a head full of hair. We are all absolutely in love with him. A couple of days after he was born, our family was given some pretty hard news to handle. Sam had a heart murmur that did not go away. They did some more tests and found out that he has a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. Everyone was very upset to hear this news and to hear that Sam will have to go through major heart surgery as an infant. However, Sam went to the pediatric cardiologists in Louisville on Monday and they said to treat him like a normal little baby boy. He will have the surgery when he is between 4-6 months old. His condition does not seem to be as severe as what some babies are born with. Please keep praying for him and his parents. Here are some pictures that I stole from my dad of the the baby boy who has stolen all of our hearts!
My sweet nephew Sam is such a sweet and sleepy baby. Ooooh, I could just snuggle him to pieces! My mom holding her new grandbaby, Sam.
Nothing is sweeter. :)
My mom holding Sam the day he was born. Everyone was so excited to meet him!
Micah and I cannot believe how much our baby girl is growing inside of me. I cannot believe I am 8 months pregnant. I feel like she is huge. I also feel like I am huge. Micah and I just finished up our third and last birthing class. We were able to see where to go when we get to the hospital, where I will deliver, and what my room will be like after delivery. It is very possible that I could be in a post-delivery room with a double tempur-pedic bed! That makes me soooo excited. The baby will stay in the room with us almost the entire time... even throughout the night. The rooms there were pretty nice. I just can't wait to have her.
I am finding out that these last weeks of pregnancy = discomfort. My back hurts a lot and often makes it hard for me to go back to sleep at night after I wake up for my almost hourly potty visits. Braxton Hicks contractions make it difficult to move throughout the school day. They don't hurt, but they just make my entire center so tight and stiff that it is difficult to move around. Bending over is a major production. I have to seriously think about how to bend every time. Shaving has become a big chore. Bones and muscles that I never paid attention prior to pregnancy are hurting/throbbing in ways that I didn't know they could. My ankles and hands are swelling and I am getting more and more tired. These next 8 weeks are going to be looooong. I am ready for December 17th to be here! However, every time I start to complain, I think about how blessed I am to carry this baby and how much I love her and her big kicks and squirms in my belly. I cannot wait to kiss that sweet little face and to have skin to skin contact with her after she is born. I keep daydreaming about her and what she will look like and how she will act. Oh baby..... this momma loves you so much!
My vastness.
Side profile. I can't believe I still have 8 weeks to get even bigger.
This kid will be in for it!
Look how big my baby is now!!

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  1. Hahahaha love that last photo! Hang in there girl (though I completely sympathize). Pregnancy hurts. And you have my respect for being on your feet alllll day. I cannot wait to see your beautiful little girl, and my prayers are definitely with Sam-what a gorgeous little guy.