Sunday, March 27, 2011

16 Weeks Old

I love being a mom. It's amazing how at the beginning of motherhood, you often don't know what to do or what this little creature is trying to express to you, but you so quickly do things just like it's some sort of second nature. I do things that I never ever thought I'd do without even a thought that I am doing it on most occasions. Yes, I pick my child's nose with my pinky finger. Yes, I have become a pro at getting poop stains out of onesies and clothes. Yes, I can suction out boogies like none other. Yes, I have caught spit up in my hand so that it wouldn't land somewhere else. I can also soothe Adia probably better than just about anyone else. I can get a LOT accomplished on very little sleep. I can still smile in the mornings when I hear that precious little voice cooing from her crib after a rough night. I love being a mom and I love this baby. Adia's sleep patterns have been a little off lately. She used to be a great sleeper, with the exception of a few off nights. I always assumed that the older they get, the better they sleep. That was not a good assumption. Ha ha. For a little over a month, Adia slept every night for about 7-9 hours straight. It was wonderful. (Weeks 8-13). Now, she is starting to wake up again. She started this on Tuesday night and has continued this every night since. This means that for the past 5 nights, we've all been sleeping in 3-6 hour stretches. I'm not exactly sure what the cause is, but I hope she adjusts back soon. In the past, she's had 2 or 3 rough nights, then she adjusts right back. Now, we're up to 5 rough nights, with no real adjusting back yet. :( I'm hoping it's a phase like the other rough times we've experienced. Adia is reaching out and grabbing things all the time now. One of the biggest changes I've seen in her is her interest in toys. She's liked her monkey chair for a long time, but now, she's playing with the playmat, the bouncer, this little ball with holes all over it (so she can grab it), and even her exersaucer. The exersaucer is for 5 months and up, but she absolutely loves to stand, so we thought we'd put it together and let her try it. We put a towel on either side of her in the little seat to keep her from falling forward or back. She loves it. She will be entertained by her toys for 45 minutes to well over an hour now. It's fun to watch her squeal and coo at the different toys that distract her so much. Micah and I went to a different church today. We have a couple of friends that go there. We liked the fact that people there were so friendly and that Christian fellowship seems to be so active there. We will probably go for another visit there again soon. However, Adia decided at the end of church to have a massive explosion in her diaper. It was so massive, that it actually went out of her diaper and all over the back of her onesie and her clothes. She left in a different outfit. :) Below are some photos of Adia in a precious little outfit that my super crafty friend made. She is extremely talented. For those of you that are into crafts, you should visit Allie's blog: Enjoy the pictures and the precious outfit!

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