Monday, August 22, 2011

Adia and Preggo Updates

We were so glad to see that everyone was so excited about our recent news.  :)  I get more and more excited about it all the time.  Here are some items that I'm going to try to update periodically. 

Adia Beth
Age: 8 and 1/2 months

Health: Adia is still getting over her cold, but her ear doesn't seem to be bothering her any more.  Adia is still a great eater and a wonderful little sleeper.  We couldn't be luckier.  I do think that some of that is her temperment, but I honestly believe that a lot of that is due to us using Baby Wise as a guideline.  Adia eats 4 bottles per day and has solids 3 times per day.  She sleeps between 10 and 13 hours per night and takes 2-3 naps each day.  Her naps range from about 1 hour to 2.5 hours.

Development:Adia has been sitting unassisted for a long time, but still isn't getting the whole crawling thing yet.  She gets on all fours and rocks, but she often goes backwards.  She claps her hands with us and waves.  Both are equally adorable.  She also loves to "talk."  She is one of the most talkative babies I have ever seen.  She says, "Da da" and "Dis" all the time, along with a bunch of other random baby noises, squeals, and giggles.  We love it.  She is starting to eat a few more finger foods these days.  In about a month or so, I will start giving her more finger foods.

Favorite things/New things: I love Adia's voice.  Her tone is just so sweet and precious.  I love that she knows us and smiles every time we walk in a room. I love all of her new discoveries and milestones.  We had to buy Adia a big girl car seat.  She looked like a little taco in her infant seat and just looked uncomfortable.  We got the Graco My Ride 65.  We really like it a lot so far. 

Week: 9

Symptoms: I'm feeling ok.  I have good and bad moments, but usually, I'm doing well.  I get nauseous if I don't eat and if I'm overly tired.  I have a pretty good appetite compared to what it was last time around.  I get pretty bad indigestion these days.  Gaviscon is becoming a good friend to me again these days.  I'm getting a bump fast.  Everyone told me it'd get bigger quicker the second time around.  They were right!

Baby's growth: About the size of a grape and weighs about a fraction of an ounce.  Still a tiny little guy or gal!  Most of the babies organs and structures have formed and the baby is now ready to start gaining some weight. 

Thoughts/feelings: I'm anxious to see my 2 babies together.  I think Adia will be a good big sister, and I just hope that they are close.  I'm a little worried about balance.  I basically need to figure out what to do with my life and my family once this baby comes.  Please pray for guidance and discernment.  I'm trying to listen to the Lord, and I am ready for Him to just yell all the answers in my ear!  Ha ha!  I am so happy and over joyed, but I'm also nervous about what all of this means for the direction of my life as a mother, a worker, a student, and a wife.  I just want to follow the Lord and make sure I do what is right by Him. 

It's time for dinner and I am starving!!  Thanks for reading.  :)

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  1. when I was pregnant with Anna, Paul was 2 years old. I worried so much about them getting along. I REALLY wanted them to have a wonderful relationship as big brother and little sister. I saw a woman at the preschool I was working (I was the assistant teacher there) and her son and daughter were 18 months apart and WONDERFUL friends. I stopped her one day to comment on how nice it was to see siblings love each other and take care of each other like her children do and told her about my fears of my two children not getting along. She just grabbed my hand and said "honey, I make them get along. I make them take care of each other." I didn't get it until I had Anna. I would give Paul little jobs (take the diaper, put her paci back in, sing her a song) that were his big brother jobs. He LOVED them and felt so much like a part of the whole baby thing. I STILL have to sit them down every now and again to explain to them that they are to care for one another and love one another. A lot of parenting is modeling. They have no clue how to treat one another until we show them how.

    you'll be amazed by how smoothly those first couple of months are with the new baby. The second time around seems so MUCH easier than the first. The first one changes your life so much that the second one just kinda slides in there. However, you might have a OH MY GOSH moment, I did, when you hold BOTH of your babies for the first time. I was like, ummmm, can I REALLY do this?