Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Voting and Venting Time!

If you look to the left <-----, you will see a poll going on to vote for the gender you think I'm having.  I'd like to see if people think I'm having a boy or a girl.  Last time, the majority said I was having a girl and they were obviously correct!  I will find out in 2 weeks from tomorrow what's cookin.  :)  I haven't been able to update in a long time, so here are some recent things that we have to update about.

First, I'll start with Adia.  She is the most fun little girl in the world.  I adore her.  She's such a good baby.  She's a wonderful sleeper, eater, entertainer, you name it.  She goes to bed around 7:30 on most nights.  I usually have to wake her up at 7 each morning to get ready before we leave for the day.   She takes around 2-3 naps each day.  She rarely eats baby food anymore and is just eating all finger foods now.  She's been giving herself her bottle and her juice, which is nice.  I can just hand her that in the car or where ever and she will gulp it down like a big girl all by herself. 

Adia loves to fake cough.  She coughed once on accident and I said, "Excuse you."  From then on, she continued to try to cough so that I would say, "Excuse you" to her.  She loves the attention.  She gives kisses, but not as often as she was doing it.  She does love to try to kiss Jack at Nanna Pammy's (another little baby at the sitter's house.)  She's already liking the boys. 

I am starting to plan her 1st birthday party, which is just over a month away.  This will be a fun day, but I really am so shocked at how quickly my sweet girl is growing up.  I love experiencing each new phase with her, but I just want her to stay a baby for a little bit longer!

Adia still has no desire to crawl.  She's almost 11 months old now, so I'm thinking she's just going to skip crawling altogether.  She does enjoy standing and she seems to have good balance, so I'm thinking she will just start walking one day.  She also still continues to be completely toothless.  I love that big gummy smile!  She still talks or sings non-stop.  When she's not sleeping, she's talking and singing.  She cracks us up with her inflections and her expressions as she tries her best to tell us something.  It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard. 

I am 18 weeks pregnant.  Baby #2 seems to be doing just fine.  I am feeling a lot more movement these days and Micah and I both have felt the little one with our hands a few times now.  I am loving this stage of pregnancy.  The only hard thing is that I'm starting to have the dizzy/fainting spells.  I tend to have low blood sugar when I'm pregnant and I get very light-headed and begin seeing black splotches.  I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant with Adia too. 

Our lives are kind of chaotic these days.  It's always one thing after the next.  I'm so busy, that I even wrote down "clip nails" on one of my little to-do lists.  My to-do list got so jam packed and I had so many things to do, that I didn't even have time to update or add to my to-do list.  To say that we've been busy is an understatement.  (Oh, and did I mention that I'm having another baby?)  I'm learning a lot right now about myself, which is a great thing.  I've learned that throughout my life, I've been taught to be selfless.  My parents were good models of this.  They were (and still are) very hard workers.  They both contributed in every way- financially, around the house, taking care of kids, and so forth.  Everything was shared.  Serving others always came before serving them.  They passed this onto me, and I am so thankful for that.  However, I've also learned that I often put myself at the bottom of my priority list.  There was one night in particular last week where I just had a break down.  I hadn't peed in 12 hours, I had been to work for an entire day, to the doctor's office for 2 hours with a hungry and fussy baby, home to a huge mess and a sink full of bottles, then back out to the store.  I went almost 9 hours without eating and I just sat on the couch and had a crying melt-down.  I'm wearing so many hats and doing so many things for so many people and not taking time for myself.  I also get my feelings hurt when I'm doing so many things to help other people and when I need help some of those same people let me down.  When I got so down and upset last week, I really let it bother me.  I dwelled on it and cried many tears over it.  After a long talk with my sister in law Brianna, I realized that I do have people that love me and care for me and would help me if they were maybe just aware that I need help.  Bri talked to me for about 3 hours that night.  We both cried a lot and she let me vent.  I know Micah was forever thankful that someone gave him the night off!  Ever Since Katie found out about Evangeline, she and I have relied on each other time and time again and she is always there for me.  My co-workers are often times there for me.  I don't know what I would've done without Jodi by my side these past couple of years.  My mom talks to me daily and still gives me that little connection to home that I long for.  My husband must be a saint, because he loves me through all of my sad times, happy times, annoying as heck times, my hormonal times, and so on.  Bri took 3 hours out of her life to talk to me when I was an emotional wreck.  I have lots of people to thank.  Ultimately, I've learned that the way I show love to others is through time and service.  I show love in other ways too, but those are the most valued to me.  I tend to feel unloved at times when others don't show me time and service.  I have to realize that I can still love others this way, but I need to take care of myself too.  It's ok if I say, "No," to a task or if I can't do it all.  It's ok if I ask for help.  I need to take time for myself.  I need to take a bubble bath.  I need to get a massage.  I need to take a nap.  I need to spend a weekend with just my little family and turn down favors and requests from others.  I need that and that's ok.  So, this blog update was my way of having my time today!  I am going to try to take a little bit of time each day just for myself.  However, Adia is waking up now, so I am going to take time for her.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote in the top box to the left!  :)

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