Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Babies and My Jesus.

It's so crazy to think that I thought I was carrying a boy all this time since I found out about my 2nd pregnancy and I was dead wrong!  I was 100% convinced that this little acrobat was a boy.  When we had the ultrasound, the first thing that Isla showed us was that she indeed is a girl!  She didn't just show us a glimpse or just once or twice, she was proud of her gender and wanted to display that for us over and over again.  As much as I thought this was a boy, I was so excited to find out that I am having another sweet girl.  (Well, I'm hoping she will be sweet!)  Since she and Adia will be so close in age, I was excited to learn that she is a girl.  I always wished I had a sister growing up, so I'm so glad that Adia and Isla will have that with each other.  Once Isla is sleeping through the night, she and Adia will be sharing a room.  I can't wait to see the 2 of them together.  I know a lot of you are thinking "Poor Micah with all of those girls...."  However, if you have seen Micah with Adia, you know that he is a daddy that is meant to father girls.  He LOVES Adia, and I know he is going to adore his littlest one as well.  Will we try again for a boy some day?  Maybe.  We will see...  If we do, it won't be for quite a while.  :) 

Isla is so active.  I knew she would be active in our ultrasound because I felt her early on and she has been such a squirmer ever since.  She was about 11-12 ounces I believe and I'm thinking she was around 8 inches.  She moved around for almost the entire ultrasound until it was time to see her face...  Then, she hid behind the placenta and pulled her arm over her face.  I did not get to see my little girl's face like I got to see Adia's at 20 weeks.  That was the ONLY somewhat disappointing part of the ultrasound.  Everything else was perfect.  She is very healthy and everything seems to be going very smoothly.  It's weird how even though I thought she was a boy, I can't imagine her as anything other than my sweet little girl now.  I can't wait to meet her and hold her against me.  I want to kiss those little fat cheeks and hear that little cry.  I just can't wait.  :)

Adia is changing all the time.  I love watching her grow and make new discoveries every day.  Two days before turning 11 months old, Adia started crawling.  The next day, she cut her first tooth.  I really didn't think she was going to crawl at all and I was getting ready to think my child would be toothless forever.  She has the cutest little crawl.  She is a very traditional crawler and loves to play hide and seek with us.  We will get on one side of the couch and say, "Where's Adia?"  She will crawl and peek around the corner of the couch.  When she sees us, she giggles and crawls and tries to get to us.  It's so much fun.

Adia says a few words, but not many.  She says, "Momma,"" Dada," and "Baby" the most.  I love to listen to her sweet voice.  She jabbers constantly and makes a variety of different consonant sounds.  It's really quite hysterical.  She also loves to sing.  (Imagine that!)  She really does have a singing voice and a talking voice.  They are different.  Both absolutely melt my heart into a puddle on the floor.

As for the hair...  It's still crazy!  The front has gotten really long and just lays down now, but the back still stands straight up.  She hates bows, so we don't even mess with them.  She pulls them out immediately and won't let me even try with her hair.

Walking is our next big thing.  Adia wants to stand all the time.  She also wants to grab your fingers and walk.  She still relies on us pretty heavily when she holds our hands and walks, but she has made a lot of progress.  I can tell that it won't be too long before she is doing this walking thing on her own.

Micah and I are both staying pretty busy, but we are also both working a lot on our hearts right now.  We've had a few "come to Jesus" moments in our personal walks with the Lord lately.  We are both actively pursing the Lord in a way right now that is inspiring to both of us.  We are participating in a couple of Bible studies and we are both have friends that we are receiving a lot of encouragement and accountability from.  Right now, I am finishing up a devotional that I got from a Bible Study that my friend invited me to a while back, but due to schedules I just couldn't attend.  However, I have been doing the study on my own.  For a while, I didn't really pick it up much.  Then, I hit my own kind of brick wall spiritually and decided to pick it up and commit to reading it and allowing it to change my heart.  It has done just that.  It's called "Victoriously Frazzled" by Cindi Wood.  (Thank you, Amanda H. for inviting me to the study that I wasn't able to attend, but definitely reaped the rewards from!!!)  It has really challenged me in the way that I think and has changed my attitude about my hectic schedule and has changed my heart.  I am softer.  I am more relaxed.  I am learning how to respond like Jesus rather than continuing to react like Rachel when situations and life in general just gets tough.  Here are some scriptures and lessons that I have learned so far through this study:

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still" (Exodus 14:14).  - I've always been taught to have a hard work ethic and to fight for the things you want and need in life.  However, I was getting exhausted.  I have learned the importance of being a hard worker, but learning to trust the Lord to fight FOR me.  He will provide peach, take care of my situations, fight my battles, watch after my family, make things happen, and take care of my worries.  I just have to trust Him to do it.

One way that I feel loved is through quality time.  I want others to want to spend time with me, and when I love someone, I want to spend time with them.  I was getting down on myself because I felt like I didn't have time to spend others, and therefore, I wasn't feeling loved.  When others couldn't make time for me, I got offended and hurt.  This is how Jesus was feeling about me.  I wasn't making Him a priority like I should have been.  Just as I want others to want to spend time with me, He wants me to want to spend time with Him daily in His word and in conversation through prayer and worship with Him. 

I've learned to let the Lord intercede on my behalf - which is hard since I'm very independent.  I need to be dependent on Him.  It's ok to rely on Him.  "I cannot do everything, I cannot be everything to everybody, I will stop trying to do it all, I will stop trying to be it all." - I need to recite this daily and realize that it's ok and that these things are not expected of me.

Nobody's pain or sorrow is insignificant to God - no matter how small it may be.  There may always be someone who has a harder situation to handle than me, but my problems are still significant to God.

I don't really have control over anything - even when I think that I do.

A direct quote from the book, "When you care deply about others, you want the best for them.  And to the controlling person, that translates into telling people what choices they should make." 

Plan how to respond.  "Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over my lips." Psalm 141:3.  Think about situations ahead of time that could cause you to lose control.  Pray about the people and events that could be involved.  Make yourself aware of your "personal stress scale."

I am never ever alone.  Even when I feel 100% completely alone, He is always always always there.  Thank the Lord for His Holy Spirit!

These are some of the things I've learned so far and that I have remembered and cherished the most through this study.  Just when I thought I had no time, Jesus threw the clock out the window and let me know the importance of spending my time with Him.  My schedule has not gotten better, but my attitude has.  I don't feel nearly as stressed as what I should, and it's because of the peace that passes all understanding that God has given to me.

Micah and I are working through "The Love Dare" together.  We are doing well with it and he is also doing a devotional on his own.  Last week, he rededicated his life to the Lord and decided that he wasn't previously engaged in a personal relationship with Jesus like he needed to be.  He is really turning his life around in a way that I have never seen of him before.  It is so exciting to me to see how God is changing him and turning him into the man that He designed him to be. 

So, 27 years later, I am finally to the end of my blog!  As my teammate would say, "Shew to the wee!"  Time to go spend some time with my sweet Adia before her bath and bed time.  Thanks for reading.  :)

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