Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Picture Perfect... Well, Almost.

Where to begin...  A lot has happened in the past few weeks.  I've had moments of pure joy, overwhelming love, fear, frustration, exhaustion, confidence, ignorance, and the list keeps growing.  Staying at home with my daughters is wonderful.  I absolutlely adore them and watching them learn and grow.  Adia learns new words every day and Isla gets chubbier and chubbier all the time.  I just love it.  For the most part, Adia is pretty oblivious to the fact that there is another baby in the house.  She occasionally comes over to her and pats her or points out her body parts or wants to give her a kiss.  Sometimes, she wants me to hold her when I'm nursing Isla and will get a little fussy when I can't pick her up.  However, it doesn't last long and she's off to go play with something else. 

Some of my favorite things that Adia has been doing:
1.  When I ask her, "Where's Mommy's big girl?"  she pats her chest or her belly and smiles really big.
2.  When I sneeze or someone else sneezes, she now says, "Bet too," which means 'bless you.'  Adore it.
3.  She snuggles me after she wakes up from her nap.  I cherish this time.  This is one of the moments where I was overwhelmed with love and sadness at the same time this past week.  Overwhelmed with love for obvious reasons, overwhelmed with sadness to think that one day, my "big girl" is going to grow up and she will no longer fit in my lap and snuggle her head into my neck and tell me, "Of eww."  Tears are happening right now just thinking about that.  Time goes by way too fast.
4.  Dancing.  Girl has rhythm.  It's hilarious.  My nephew dances like a wild man with no rhythm (which is even funnier,) and Adia seriously keeps the beat.  She is her daddy's girl.
5.  Adia loves to laugh at her cousin, Sam.  Honestly, I can't blame her.  He is hysterical.  He will do something silly and she just loses it. 
6.  Learning learning learning!  I love how much this girl is learning.  She is like a sponge!  I have so much fun teaching her throughout the day.  She knows almost all of her colors, knows a few numbers, and knows more words and objects than I can count.  My favorite word she is saying right now is "monkey."  Ways she says certain words: "bock" means box, "Dep" means Sam, "shishy's" means fish, "of ew" means love you, "taint too" means thank you, "die poo" means diaper, "app poo" means apple, "nana" means banana, and so on and so on. 

Isla is getting so squishy and it's sooooooo cute!  I love to see her little rolls and to squish her squish.  It's pretty adorable.  She has a great day time routine right now.  She eats every 3 hours during the day.  I try to keep her awake for an hour to an hour and half from the time her feeding starts.  So, if she eats at 9 AM, then I try to keep her awake until about 10:30.  Then, she goes down for a nap from 10:30-12 when I feed her again at 12.  Until last week, she was doing a great job sleeping at night and would go right back to sleep after her feedings.  She is starting to have a little more trouble going down for bed in the past couple of weeks.  She will cry and I'll go in and soothe her about every 10-15 minutes or so until she goes back to sleep.  At night, she goes around 4 or 5 hours between feedings.  Last week, I took Isla to the doctor because of her baby acne.  I was afraid it was a yeast infection because it was so widespread and so bad.  Fortunately, it's just acne.  Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to help it.  :(  He said that it is caused by the hormones that are released right before labor.  It should go away on it's own with time.  I'm hoping it goes away sooner rather than later.

We went to Ashland this past weekend for my childhood best friend's wedding shower.  We left Lexington on time and with everything on the packing list checked off.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  Since my dad is quite the photographer, I decided to dress the girls in their little matching summer dresses.  I had bows in their hair, their matching dresses on, makeup on my face, a new shirt on, my hair fixed, and even some bronzer on my face.  The first hour of the car ride was wonderful.  Isla slept and Adia cooed, talked, and ate her snacks.  It was all perfect...  until it happened.  When we reached Morehead, we heard what sounded like projectile vomitting, followed by a scream and a cry.  Adia had gagged on one of her snacks and threw up everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Fortunately, we were right next to a rest stop when it happened.  Unfortunately, we were still an hour away from Ashland.  When we stopped at the rest stop, Isla started screaming and crying.  Adia was crying and covered in vomit.  I took her into the restroom and changed her and got her cleaned up.  Micah tried to wipe out the carseat as best as he could, but the smell was not leaving and it was still saturated in vomit.  We had an old sheet in the car, so we covered the seat with that before we had to put Adia back in it.  We drove the rest of the way home with the windows cracked due to the awful smell and Isla screamed the entire rest of the way home.  No more matching outfits and we arrived a smelly, sweaty, gross mess.  The pros of the weekend- Stephanie's shower was really nice and I got to visit with her, Micah and I got to go on a date, we got to see Sam, we were able to spend time with family.  The cons- the vomit incident, Isla slept very poorly at night and I couldn't let her cry it out because she would've kept everyone else in the house awake, including Sam and Adia.  One night, I slept less than 3 hours. 

Overall, being a stay at home mom is very rewarding and very busy. I time it so that the girls go down for a nap at the same time so that I can also take a nap! It is very nice to be able to have a nap. I'm always busy. I nurse, pick up, change diapers, clean up spit up, cook dinner, prepare lunch, wash dishes, do laundry, clean bathrooms, and do whatever else needs to be done. I always look forward to getting Adia bathed and ready for bed. Once she is bathed and in bed, I get a chance to take a bath or a shower and just have a little bit of time to myself. I look forward to that time every evening. So there you have it. An update on our lives. I doubt I'll be updating again for a while - simply because what extra time I do have is during the girls' nap time, which is also my nap time! Ha ha. It's bath time, so I'll leave you with a few photos. Have a great evening. :)

Adia has gone pee pee in her big girl potty a couple of times.  My mom was saying how funny it is that so many people turn on the water, etc. so that nobody will hear them go to the restroom.  Adia's potty plays a symphony orchestra when she goes.

A new thing Adia has been doing is climbing.  I was putting Isla in her little seat when I heard Adia playing the piano.  I looked over and this is what I saw.

2 silly Wilcox's.

My sweet Isla - all swaddled up and napping in her blanket that Melanie made for her.

What I look like at the end of the day.  Going from a hot mess to a hot bath.

My first Pinterest recipe that I made.  Chocolate sugar cookies with a peanut butter frosting!  The frosting was amazing.  The cookies could've been sweeter.  I will make these again, but adapt the cookie recipe a bit.  I made these on the same day that I cleaned all 3 bathrooms, did laundry, made dinner, took care of the girls, took a nap, AND even put on makeup and fixed my hair.  Yes, you can call me super mom.  :)

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