Friday, January 16, 2015

Big Sister/Big Brother Kits

We wanted our girls to feel special when the new baby arrives.  I thought they might get a little sad when Micah and I stay in the hospital for a night with Ike and they are at home with grandparents or other family.  To make them feel special on the day of his arrival, we made them some "Big Sister Kits" and went ahead and put them in the trunk of the van so they'd be there at the hospital.  Here is a picture of their kits with MOST of the items we put in them. 

 Inside the Big Sister Kits:
1. Snacks - fruit snacks, Cheez-It's, and a fruit pouch.
2. Juice - Our girls LOVE these little "Good 2 Grow" juices that have the little character heads on them.  The great thing is that they are the no spill kind, so that is definitely a plus!
3. Hand sanitizer - We decided they might like to have a "big sister job" while they are at the hospital with us.  We are going to tell them it is their job to make sure everyone who visits us has clean hands before they hold baby Ike.  They will LOVE this.
4. Miniature baby body wash - all they have talked about is how much they want to help me give the baby a bath. 
5. Personalized "Big Sis" shirts.  I bought the shirts and iron-ons at Hobby Lobby.  I thought they turned out pretty cute.
**Below are Items Not pictured**
6. Disposable camera - this should be funny.  I thought I could give them each one of these to take photos of Ike and friends and family who come to visit him.
7. A Big Sister book - this is actually in my hospital bag.  I just bought 1 and would like to read it with them at some point while we all hold Ike.

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